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VETUS Translation Agency was established in 2004. For years we have been providing our clients with translations of the highest quality. These include specialist translations as well as certified translations and interpreting services in Poland and abroad.

We offer translations in all European and non-European languages. German and English are the leading languages in our office.

We translate technical texts from manuals, construction documentation to patent applications. We also offer translations of marketing materials – websites, catalogues, information brochures and product packaging as well as texts related to tourism. We also translate legal texts – all kinds of documents and agreements.

In short, no industry is alien to us.

All translations are treated individually, adjusted and selected to the relevant subject by experienced translators who know the terminology appropriate for a given industry.

Following the spirit of the times, we have introduced Internet orders. In this way you can order translation services, pay for them and receive the translated texts without leaving your home or office.

We serve customers from all over Poland as well as foreign customers.

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